Fun Friday!


Let’s have some fun before we start running weekend errands!

Take a cup of coffee (or tea, or water, or whatever you enjoy) outside for a walk. Look for signs of Autumn; turning or fallen leaves, gardens changing over, perhaps houses preparing for Halloween – take pics to if you like.

This is the last Friday of September 2020, there will never be another.

Take nothing for granted – it’s great to be alive – so have some fun!


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Think About It Thursday

What do what we think about binding, hexing and cursing?

Although I do not do this type of work myself, I am aware many traditions do not shy away from darker spellwork. All things being equal, I live in the grey areas myself, and I do not judge the traditions of others. However, as I was described in my youth, I have a brilliant mind, and I suffer a burning curiosity. So let’s talk about the dark side.

Lately, I have been reading requests for help with curses (casting them, and breaking them), and instructions for hexing as well as binding. Everyone seems to be unsteady in 2020, and a large number of relationships are in troubled waters. Family, friends, loved ones, romantic, business – you name the relationship, and it is on the rocks.

On the upside, better to know than not know; this is Three of Swords energy, and once revealed, you can work on healing. But healing is not what people are seeking. Revenge and striking back – or striking first – is what people seem to want. Disrupting the free will of others is what they are setting to accomplish. Here’s an example, and one of my favorites in 2020:

“How do I bind a woman that wants to steal other people’s husbands?”

My first thought: If you do not know how, you shouldn’t be doing it. (Sincerely, learning by doing is important but we do not practice by messing with the lives of others – it is dangerous for all concerned. Whether you believe it or not, Karma* does not care what tradition you follow, and it is a mistake to incur her notice this way.)

My second thought: You are looking at the wrong end of your problem. (What can be more mundane than actually dealing with your own husband? Cheaters cheat; a “good man” will not stray from his true love over sex, and if he does, that’s about him not the women in his life. Deal with your husband. You cannot bind all the women in the world.)

My final thought: Have you tried counseling?** (Again, deal with your husband, and your insecurities while you are at it. Do not dismiss counseling out of hand – if you haven’t tried it, how do you know it won’t work? And if you did try, and it didn’t work, you probably need a lawyer more than a spell.)

Throwing it out to the crowd; what are your thoughts on curses, hexes, and binding? First step? Last resort? Think about it – I look forward to your thoughts.

Be happy. Be safe. Be well.

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*I like the concept of Karma as a personification of the many forms of balance, justice, etc. The Universe abhors a vacuum, and Yin/Yang will always seek each other out.

**To be clear, I am a witch for sure; I will cast a spell if I feel it is appropriate but only after I have dealt with the mundane. If I cast a good health spell, you better believe I’ve seen the doctor. If I cast a protection spell, you know I locked the doors. The mundane first – ALWAYS!

What Do You Really Want Wednesday!


Last week, we worked on envisioning what we wanted our lives to look like, and what we need to manifest to achieve it. Today, we review.

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? If you are envisioning a life of wealth, and success, what does that include? A fabulous new car? A large, beautifully decorated house? A corner office with your own secretary?

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED: maintenance costs, a higher tax bracket, increased insurance premiums, more responsibility (for yourself, and others – that secretary needs you to be successful)?


Actually, more accurately, it should read “be careful how you wish for what you think you want” because that really is the key. Successful manifestation requires more than the intensity of your intention.

If you have read “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs, you already know how important it is to be specific in your desires. Should you wish for money, you don’t want it as part of an untimely inheritance (or maybe you do but for our purposes here, you do not) when winning the lottery is an option. Be sure to buy a ticket!

Review what you want – what you really, definitely, undeniably want – and understand what it will cost. Review what you are able to do to maintain the changes you wish to bring about in your life. Some decisions will need to be made – and that is Step Three for next week.

Be happy. Be safe. Be well.

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TODAY’S RANT: You do not need to buy all the stuff!!!

If you spend much time on social media (and these days, who doesn’t?) it is easy to come away with the idea you are not a “real” witch, or you are witching “the wrong way” because you have not (or cannot) buy any number of expensive items – fancy artisan made goblets/jewelry/cauldrons, all the herbs, all the crystals, etc., etc., etc.


You are no less a witch for writing in spiral notebooks with colored gel pens rather than hand-tooled, leather-bound journals and quills with assorted nibs and pots of ink.

You are no less a witch because you have a small collection of heavy lifting crystals (clear quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst) in your bra, rather than shelves full of collector pieces.

You are no less a witch for using herbal tea blends for a variety of spell work rather than collecting a cupboard full of obscure and expensive herbs and spices.

You are no less a witch for using dollar store tea lights (white) rather than expensive candles in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, fragrances, etc.

Seriously, support your intentions with the resources available to you, and you are as much as witch as any other.

And it is so very important to remember: experience and education come with time, you cannot buy them. Be patient, use the library and the internet for study, and practice as you will. Best of luck!

((Rant concluded; soapbox put away for another day.))

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09/21/20: Time to move on!

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  


Well, like it or not, Autumn starts today!

And as far as I am concerned, not a minute too soon!

That’s right, this witch is all about pumpkin spice chai tea lattes and apple cinnamon muffins with plum butter – no regrets, no apologies!

You know what else I am all about? Letting go, moving on, starting fresh. Every new season is an opportunity for change, if we choose to take it. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the back of 2020, and I am ready to get some new moves underway – who’s with me? It doesn’t matter – I’m going to do it anyway. And if you have plans of your own, so should you!

And now, to the cards!

THEME: TIME TO GO. Wherever you are right now, your time is up! This is BIG 10 energy – you’ve done all you can here, let it go, move on to the next thing.

INFLUENCE: The Emperor. Prioritize providing and maintaining the mundane; necessities may not be sexy but they are too important to ignore.

INFLUENCE: Queen of Swords. Be clever but not cutting, unless absolutely necessary. Some discretion is required.

STRATEGY: Eight of Pentacles. Material success is a reward for the investment of your best energy into your best self – appreciate it, share it, do not squander it.

If you have been feeling helpless – and 2020 really has leant itself to that! – know that you are not. You control what you think, say, and do (good, bad, or indifferent). This is your kick-off point; start now and make it great, whatever it is.