Sun In Pisces – A Time For Healing

Originally posted on Rubys Readings:
For all Zodiac Signs“Happy Birthday Pisces” The Sun has shifted into imaginative?and compassionate Pisces today, February 18, 2019,?and remains there through March 20, 2019. So it’s officially season.?This energy is about connecting to your spiritual/highest-self. It’s a sensitive, wistful, compassionate time. We are strongly in tune with our powers of…

My Life as a Clairaudient

GREETINGS, ALL!!! Every weekday morning, my clock-radio alarm (that’s right – an honest to goodness CLOCK-RADIO rather than my smart phone) goes off, and I greet the day with a song already in progress. This morning, that song was Mystify by INXS which was perfect because I woke up to Walking in Memphis in my […]