Words Have Power

This week, I was challenged by NOTEWORTHY WISDOM (please look it up – Lena is awesome!) to Make Words Not War. This challenge is meant to illustrate the power of love and words by using love rather than hate to discuss the hot topics of the day. I have been thinking about this challenge for a week, and I am stymied – at best, I am neutral in my development of the following list:

  •  FOX NEWS is not a credible news source.
  •  Birth control should NOT be more regulated than firearms.
  •  Ignoring climate change (read weather death) because it is inconvenient seems remarkably similar to Nero’s fiddling while Rome burned.
  •  I have had enough pointless Republican Obama-bashing; they refuse to present reasonably viable alternatives. (A letter to Iran? Really?)
  •  When will we start working together to solve the issues that affect us all?

With my best efforts, I could not find love to express these thoughts; in fact, the angrier I became. The Government (and we voted for them!) is a tremendous disappointment, acting like squabbling children on the world stage while ignoring key issues at home such as education, infrastructure, veterans affairs, racism, gun violence, domestic abuse, etc., etc., etc. Honestly, I began to imagine actual violence – Marco Rubio needs several slaps, and once warmed up, please point me in the direction of 46 other traitors – how many people are needed to form a posse?

And just as I worked up a solid rage, the point of the assignment hit me: if I could become rage-filled and unable to express myself in a positive way despite my best efforts, how easy must it be to fall into a hate-rage trap when not bothering with positive intention as the focus? Incredibly easy, as the world news reveals daily; and if you watch Fox News (which I do not recommend – fact-checking indicates its accuracy level holding at 18%) you will likely find hate speech actively pursued and purposefully achieved – truly, not for the faint of heart. We are forced to ask ourselves, how can we combat this? What can we do?

“Love is the answer. And you know that for sure.”  John Lennon

We can love. We can express ourselves in positive terms, despite our own lesser angels. Let’s give it a try:

Fox News: First instinct, “They suck!” But with a more positive attitude, “I prefer MSNBC. I particularly like Rachel Maddow as she strives for both fair and accurate reporting.”

Congress: First instinct, “They suck!” But with a more positive attitude, “Clearly they are all passionate in their views but they really should work harder towards bipartisan compromise.”

I admit these are not warm and fuzzy examples, and I certainly wish I had the Flower-Power strength to push the positive further, but we must start somewhere. This is my first step towards positive – what will yours be?

((Please feel free to post positive comments re any issue you are considering; maybe together we can help each other boost positive energy for everyone.))


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