Making Friends With Mercury Retrograde: Introspection


If I had written the story:


Wise Owl: No, Chicken Little. The sky is not falling, the sky is fine. You are fine, sit down and relax. It’s just a little retrograde. 

We hear a great deal about Mercury Retrograde (MRx) and most of it is bad; beware of legal antics, keep the help desk on speed dial, don’t drive further than your own mechanic can tow, duck-and-cover. We allow dread, and sometimes panic, to color our outlook as we prepare to endure until the MRx is over. Worse, there are people who choose this time as a blank check for inconsiderate behaviors to be accepted as unintentional, i.e. “It’s not my fault. Mercury’s in retrograde.”


We need not dread MRx when we can use this time in positive ways. Granted, MRx is not the best time for starting new projects with others as communication and transportation are more challenging (not impossible or fraught with peril – lighten up!). However, MRx is an ideal time for introspection.

  • Take a personal inventory: Look for strengths as well as weaknesses within yourself. Feel free to make a list and check it twice, deciding which items need immediate attention, little or no attention, etc.
  • Project planning: Do you have a project in mind? Something you would like to begin, or something you would like to revisit? This is a good time to consider projects, and make a plan for the project you choose – the level of detail is up to you. ((WARNING: Do not allow yourself to get lost in minutiae – you are a creator, not a bureaucrat.)
  • Always room for improvement: Since you are not living in stasis, you are already doing many things every day, and chances are you could be doing some of them better. Allow yourself to review your habits and patterns – are you doing things well, or easily? The way “it’s always been done” or the best way for you? Do you find joy or dread in the things you do? It is okay to make changes, try new methods, maybe let some things go – your mother’s method is only useful to you if you like it.
  • It always feels good to smile: You do not need a reason, just do it; allow your face to lead your body to joy. Smile for yourself, smile to yourself, share it with others if you like but smile, smile, smile.
  • Create down time: Allow yourself down time; if you find some MRx dealings too challenging, rest a bit – go for a walk, meditate, take a nap – recharge and return to the task refreshed.

But most of all, never forget:


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