Living Tarot: The Wheel Of Fortune

tarot_02_wheel_of_fortune_by_darkfitoplancta GT_10Wheel wheel_of_fortune

Audaces fortuna iuvat (Virgil)

The Wheel of Fortune (Card X) is a reminder of the only true constant – the inevitability of change. In readings, The Wheel is generally considered a harbinger of imminent change of circumstance, up or down, and a warning to brace for impact. And while this reader concedes there is generally some truth to that assessment, it overlooks a great deal.

In our everyday lives, like it or not, change is always occurring; most changes are so slight or subtle, and completely unnoticed (i.e. difference in temperature between 80 and 79 degrees) as we adapt to them unconsciously while moving through our day. Within each of us exists the ability to adapt, to change, to evolve; throughout the ages, our very survival has depended upon our adaptability, and this is no less true in our modern time.

SPOILER ALERT!! That is the gift of The Wheel of Fortune!

The Wheel is not merely a harbinger of change (or disaster, as so many people see it), it is also a reminder of our ability to handle change with courage, strength and grace. Why? Because how you handle the change is every bit as important as the change itself. In every situation, The Wheel offers a choice: will you be crushed, or will you roll with it, dust yourself off, and move on to the next thing?

ALWAYS REMEMBER: The changes may not be your choice but how you handle change is always up to you.


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