Blue Moon 07/31/15 — Time To Think Big!!


“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.”                   — Vance Havner

Plans for the Blue Moon? Thinking about your intentions? Looking for a good spot to dance naked? All good, have fun. May your intentions should be true, and your dance party uninterrupted by local authorities.

But just in case you are not making plans for the Blue Moon, I would like to suggest you think about it. This energy is rare, ripe and wonderful for sharing with friends, family, and loved ones – perhaps a small dinner party with strawberries and champagne, or a huge barbecue with lemonade and strawberry shortcake – you do not need to make a wish or cast a spell to enjoy the positive energy of community, bounty and gratitude. Perhaps you prefer to relish the energy alone – a walk on the beach or sitting beside an outdoor fire pit – allowing the silver beams to fill your heart and move your blood just as the oceans receive the same gifts.

There is no downside to enjoying a full moon, and the Blue Moon is a special treat.


Please remember to enjoy responsibly; the full moon is not an excuse to behave badly or recklessly – your actions are always your own truth!

One thought on “Blue Moon 07/31/15 — Time To Think Big!!

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