Every Picture Tells a Story…Don’t It?


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Today’s caution: Perhaps the picture in your head is not only unreal but unhealthy as well.

Have you decided to live your life in pursuit of a picture in your head? An imagining following you to the point of haunting but never realized? Are you stuck on a false image of what career, family, home and hearth absolutely MUST look like before you are considered “successful?”

For your sake, and the sake of all your loved ones, I sure hope not. 

Norman Rockwell was a salesmen; he worked in Marketing and Advertising. Every cover for the Saturday Evening Post was designed to sell the magazine, and an image with it. His artwork (which I love very much – I think he surely is one of the Great American Artists) portraying “American Life” was beautifully conceived and executed to sell the citizenry on the image of what it meant to be “An American.” And he did a fabulous job because those images persist in our heads today, even as we playfully mock or joke about them within our own families and homes while striving to bring them to life. If you have ever wondered why the holidays get so out of hand so fast, you have Mr. Rockwell to thank.

Striving for an authentic life is not more difficult than striving for the image of an inauthentic one; you will work just as hard either way you choose to travel. An authentic life feels more difficult because it is meaningful and it makes you vulnerable. It is also the most comfortable way to live your life because it is your and it is real; imagine walking through your day with no pretense, no duplicity, no hidden agenda, and no fear of discovery. Imagine a life where you are no longer the hostage of your own anxiety. Imagine a life filled with people who love you for exactly who you are (rather than who they think you are). Imagine a true, meaningful, positive life working for you, instead of you working for a life that is merely a beautiful lie.  


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