Letting it go.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a space we never imagined, grappling with thoughts and feelings we could not understand, explain, explore or resolve.

Relationships take many forms with various people (friends, lovers, family), places (zoo, train station, Chinese restaurant), events (weddings, funerals, baseball games), each with its own place in the heart, pull on the soul, and dance in our thoughts. This can be joyous or saddening, liberating or frustrating – many delightful experiences withstand the test of time but so often, they do not. So often, something is lost. 

No one likes loss. No one enjoys unresolved feelings. No one wants an abrupt cut-off. We use words such as “closure” and “resolved” and “ended” to suggest clean finality….but really, how often do we have such a thing as clean finality? If we are honest, we must admit, almost never. At the risk of sounding like a Disney princess, the only right answer is “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” Wait…sorry. Wrong post. No, the only correct approach is to “Let it go.”


“Let it go. Let it go? Oh, let it GO! What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?” Hrmph! Clearly, so much easier to say than to do. And yet, it really must be done. How? Different methods for different people. Following are some suggestions:

Write a letter: Believe it or not, a great many people find the closure and release they need by writing a letter they will never send. The beauty of this is you can absolutely empty your heart on the subject – no detail left out, no hurtful words edited. For a witchy twist, once the letter is written and signed, give it a kiss good bye, take it outside, burn it and scatter the ashes. “I am released from this heartache, now and always.”

Visualization: Imagine the issue clearly and in full color; picture it shrinking, getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller until it disappears with a satisfying little “pop” noise. Alternatively, you can see it in a bubble, floating away towards the cosmos, where it disperses harmlessly among the stars with no hope of reforming.

Have a chat: Speak out loud to the source of your sadness – have both sides of the conversation if that works for you – and conclude by agreeing the relationship has come to a natural end and now must be not only concluded but completely released. End the conversation by wishing the “other” a positive existence as surely your own will be.

Whatever method you choose, it can only work if you are committed to letting go; if you allow yourself to be held hostage, no technique will you free you. Only you can do that. 

Be happy. Be safe. Be well. 

Love and Light to you.



((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))



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