The 15 Most Commonly Asked Questions in Tarot

I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing, since this is absolutely true and not funny. 😉

Jack Chanek

Before you read this, caveat lector: I am feeling rather silly today. I am sitting in my apartment in pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt, eating Greek yoghurt out of the carton and spinning around in my chair lip synching Taylor Swift’s newest single. And as I sit here in this strange world-between-the-worlds, it seems to me that the following blog post is a good idea. Tomorrow, in the cold light of day, it may prove to have been exactly the opposite.

Tarot is many beautiful, powerful, terrible things. It’s a trick-taking card game for gambling nobles developed in late medieval Italy. It’s a symbolic compendium of the great archetypes of the human soul. It’s a spiritual guide, a divinatory tool, an astrological calendar, and (for some people) a way to connect with deities or the spirits of the dead. All of these things are deeply meaningful and poetic.


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