Astro News – Leo Moon 

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July 5th


Once the Moon shifts into social Leo this afternoon, you may feel more like getting out and roaming around again! It’s been a pretty decent 4th of July weekend astrologically speaking, and even though we should be focused on getting back to work…it might prove difficult, because with the Moon in Leo stirs up our inner child, and it begs us to get out and play again! We’re looking for a little bit of drama and flair, as we begin to go after what makes us feel passionate. Doing things in life that are pleasurable and that are around other people can make us feel happy now.

Mercury (our thoughts) connects beautifully to Neptune (our spirituality) today, this will seriously enhance your intuition and imagination. Get involved in activities that are artistic, creative and imaginative. Any decisions that are made today will be used with…

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