Mars in Sagittarius 

Rubys Astro Readings

Rubys Astro Reading

Tues, Aug 2nd

MARS in Sagittarius

Mars influence has been rough on all us over these last several months, since April, while it transited deeper, soul-searching Scorpio. Mainly because Mars went retrograde back in April and all that Mars represents was felt more so within oneself, and that brought outdestructive behavior and downright rage in all the signs of the zodiac. It seemed we couldn’t wake up without there being some sort of awful violent tragedy or injustice day after day. And the mess that the US Presidential Election became and all the anger. But Mars is a very strong, potent planet that represents anger, passion, physical movement, and is known for being the planet of War! Scorpio’s negative traits can be possessive, obsessive, paranoid and vicious. So take all of that are throw it into Retrograde, and all those nastier traits are felt from within…

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