Heal Your Heartache Spread

An interesting spread concept; check it out. If you try it, please feel free to share your experience in comments (at Moon In Selene).

This Crooked Crown

Heal Your Heartache is a reading that focusing on helping you heal from heartbreak. Whether your hurt comes from a break up, crushed dreams, trauma, or simply being soul tired, Heal Your Heartache focuses on helping you heal and move on.

It’s a really great kind of reading that allows you to identify just where you’re hurting and what hurts are symptomatic or caused by some other issue elsewhere.

For example, maybe you’re feeling sick to your stomach but that’s actually caused by the stress you’ve been feeling for an upcoming deadline. The body reacts in whatever way is needs to to tell you something’s wrong. And when you’re feeling poorly emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, your body will react.

I’ve used this a dozen times or more to figure out exactly how I’m reacting to various stresses or what-have-you and look for solutions I can implement without adding additional stress.

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