Gifts can be tiring.

I know things. Messages and information come to me, welcome but unbidden, and sometimes the messages are not for me – I an meant to pass them on – and because The Universal Switchboard is not manned by Lily Tomlin, the person usually reveals themselves through questions and conversation. I am not bothered by any of this as I am beginning to understand my role in this life as well as the lessons I am meant to learn; certainly some are more pleasant than others but overall, it is all positive.

What is NOT positive? DENIAL. Denial is not positive. In fact, denial is detrimental. It is no secret I am an empathic-tarot-card-reading-clairaudient-witch and as such, I am often sought out for what I will call “unconventional insight and information.” I am happy to assist (see previous re my role). However, I will no longer be accepting the following forms of challenge:

  • “How do you know?” I just do
  • “You can’t know that.” But I do.
  • “You only think you know.” Nope, I know it for sure.
  • “Prove it.” I can’t, and it’s not my job. Believe me or don’t, your call. But no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, I know.

If you were under the impression a “tarot card reading just for fun” meant I would not see something meaningful or upsetting in your cards, that is unfortunate. It is also not my responsibility. Caveat emptor.

If the information revealing itself makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, I am sorry for your troubles. Please remember, I am seeing not creating.

If you want proof, hire someone in the proof business – lawyer, doctor, accountant, private investigator – tarot card readers do not receive subpoenas.

Most importantly, if you do not want to know, DO NOT ASK!

I know.jpg

((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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