Begin Again [Spell Saturday #26]

Looking for some hands-on self-help? This ritual is simple and anyone can do it. Need a charge – check this out!

This Crooked Crown

Sometimes, we just need to hit the refresh button on our lives. This spell won’t do precisely that but it’s pretty close. It’ll help you make a fresh, new start.

stbaWhat you’ll need: 

  • Flower, flowering plant, or petals from a flower
  • Water
  • Piece of quartz crystal
  • Candle

First, make sure you’ve cleansed your home, car, work, and self. For this, perhaps a light personal cleansing followed by cleansing whatever spaces and stuff you need to cleanse, followed by a deeper cleansing might be ideal. This spell should be done immediately after your self cleansing.

Light the candle and put the flower, candle, and water in front of you.

Hold the quartz crystal in your hand and just sit with it, meshing your energy with yours. If you’re into programming stones, you’ll want to program it to hold the energy you’re about to give it. (More on programming stones in the…

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