New Year’s Resolutions?

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Happy Mercury goes Direct Day!

1b7a62a60faef13861289bb9834ca06dMercury Goes Forward on Sunday!
Finally, Mercury is direct and moving forward once again on January 8th. You can very slowly start to move forward again with your plans, especially after the 12th once the station period is over. If you’ve been patiently waiting for something to happen or change and feel stuck, you could start to see results over this next week. But definitely here in a few weeks.

New Year’s Resolutions?
Start on Sunday

Now that Mercury is moving forward once again this Sunday, you can actually set some pretty powerful New Year’s resolutions, just like setting intentions with the Moon. The energy you put forth can make things work and keep them permanent. The best time for making any New Year’s Resolutions wasn’t on New Year’s Day this year, there’s actually some other dates and times starting today that set you up…

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