Mars in Aries

ASTROWEATHER ALERT: MARS IN ARIES!! Wondering what the hell is going on? Ruby is here to tell you!!

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Mars in Aries


Mars the planet that rules over our action, assertive drive, ambition, passion, and war, already shifted into go get ’em fiery Aries on Jan. 28th and will run through March 9th. And the energy is strong out there folks! So pay attention and breathe often if need be, we can get through this together.

Wrote the following on Jan. 28th: “But judging by what I have been seeing today, I feel it’s a good time to prepare everyone and educate them on what all the aggression and frustration going around is about”

But this is the planet of War folks in its own sign of Aries the Warrior, which gives it some serious kick! This is very raw energy. It causes tension and high anxiety! This can be very positive and give us lots of energy. But we must be careful. In fact, it is so strong…

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