The week ahead: February 6th through February 12th:

Sarah talks about the full moon/lunar eclipse occurring this week. Check it out!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Oooh! We have a full moon lunar eclipse coming up on the 10th/11th and it’s in the sign of regal Leo. Eclipses are always a potent, powerful time, helping to bring about endings where maybe we didn’t know how, so we can start anew and get headed in the right direction. Lunar eclipses also represent the resetting of emotions, where the full moon brings illumination to all things, highlighting endings as well as relationships of all kinds—this combo is very intense and can be hard for some people’s mental space, so watch out for depression and anxiety right now. Eclipses are like doorways: the last lunar eclipse we had was back in September, so this eclipse should be bringing a close to whatever was happening then. This ending is paving a path to a new doorway, which is occurring at the solar eclipse at the end…

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