The week ahead: February 27th through March 5th:

My hope for you this week is that you can face that thing you continue to hold on to. You know the one you keep thinking is going to help you one day, but keeps holding you back? Yeah–Kick that one to the curb 🙂 I promise you that you’re ready to move forward, and to continue to let things go as they are because you’re scared of change will only further this sense of entrapment. Trust yourself this week, especially in your ability to know what’s best for you and to allow yourself to be free so you can truly blossom.

Check out Sarah!!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


How are you guys feeling after this new moon solar eclipse in Pisces? I’m completely spaced out and I’m having a hard time grounding myself physically and at the same time, I feel more present than I’ve ever been in a cerebral way. This is a new, weird sensation for me and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Some strange part of me enjoys the upheaval, it’s what to do with all of it that I think I’m having a hard time integrating into my everyday life. It feels like all my senses are heightened and my intuition is ON POINT in a crystal clear way—I just KNOW, don’t even try to fight me about it. I was thinking that maybe that’s the big lesson of this week: how to orient yourself after everything feels scattered.

Still being in Pisces season, those themes of going with…

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