Mercury’s Slow Down 

“With Mercury in Taurus, you will take things more slowly and the energies come down a notch as you can feel more down to earth, stable, and grounded. Good old-fashioned common sense takes ahold. When you do communicate it is with intention and purpose, as the reality of any given situation is important. Your mind is connected very strongly to the five senses and the world around you under this influence. You tend to stick to what you know has worked in the past, so what is tried and true instead of trying new ways of thinking and communicating.”

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Rubys Readings

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April 2017

“Mercury’s Slow Down”

Mercury the planet that rules over your thinking and how you communicate is shifting today into more slowed down, grounded Taurus, and again this affects every single sign in the zodiac. Mercury will transit the sign of the bull sign until April 20th! Also, Mercury is preparing now to go into its Retrograde cycle and under this sign things can seem very slow moving and even at a snails pace. Which can be frustrating for all of you, since we’ve been in the strong Aries energy for awhile now and life has been busy! It’s going to take time to adjust to this new more slowed down and “look at the roses” kind of energy.
Mercury will remind Taurus through April 20th, but will shift back into Aries on the 21st due to its Retrograde phase, therefore Mercury will return to…

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