Venus in Pisces 

“You might notice there’s a strong pull or longing for something you don’t quite understand or can put your finger on, which means you can be hard to satisfy. Your intuition can be very strong, and your dreams can be quite vivid or real feeling. Borders and boundaries dissolve under this influence, as we are lead by our spirit, especially concerning love and our finances.”

Enjoying the retrogrades? Check out Ruby!!

Rubys Readings

Rubys Astro Readings
Venus in Pisces
April 2017

For All the Signs of the Zodiac:
The Goddess of Love can assist you with forgiveness and understanding when it comes to close friends and lovers. This energy helps you to embrace others even if they’re different.

Venus the planet that rules over love and money shifts into sensitive Pisces this evening, once again! It was already in Pisces just a few months ago, but has to go back as Venus is currently in its Retrograde cycle. Venus remains in Pisces through April 29th, and comes out of Retrograde April 15th.

So perhaps we are going backwards like Retrogrades tend to have us do, to move forward again, and this one is around our relationships and our finances. This influence puts out a very seductive kind of energy, so it’s a good time to sort of chase the object of your affection…

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