The week ahead: May 8th through May 14th:

Don’t forget about Sarah – she knows stuff, and you’ll want to read all about it!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Here we go! We have a full moon on Wed the 10th in the sign of Scorpio. You want to talk about intense people? Go hang with a Scorpio and get ready to talk about everything. They want to know your inner workings and don’t even try to lie to these guys because they’ll see right through your BS. Scorpio’s are known for being extremely sensitive, energy wise, and they can pick up on the slightest thing that’s off with you, which makes them amazing friends and caring family when they just KNOW that you’re not doing well. What I find most fascinating about them though, is that a major theme for them in life has to do with power, and for them, it all starts within; I mean shoot, their ruling planet is Pluto, so we’re talking about death, birth, and rebirth—that’s some heavy stuff! I…

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