The week ahead: May 29th through June 4th:

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Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We’re in the midst of Gemini season, so notice themes this week about communication, travel, and your siblings—Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) is cooking through the cosmos and bringing insight and clarity at just the right moments we need it. Gemini’s also think a mile a minute and love to gather all the information around them; they know EVERYTHING, and if they don’t, they will find out, so don’t try to hide anything from them because it’s absolutely useless. They like to teach others about the info they’ve gathered as well (including gossip) so be careful this week of the information you give out; make sure it’s correct and that you’re not just spreading a rumor. Gemini’s also rule the hands, so if you need help this week releasing any tension or frustration, go do something with your hands! Dig in the dirt, write a story, punch a jerk…

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