((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell. Read Top to bottom, left to right: Ten of Swords, Eight of Wands, Six of Cups, Seven of Cups, Five of Cups, The Wheel.))

The Full Moon will appear on June 9th, 8:02AM CST – AND IT PROMISES TO BE A DOOZY!!

The cards are reminding us of what we already know; we’ve been having a tough time, and we are becoming increasingly sensitive about it – good thing nothing lasts forever, not even our troubles.

If you have been watching this space, you know Sarah and Ruby have had a great deal to say about Gemini Season, The Full Moon is Sagittarius, Mars in Cancer, and a whole bunch of other things happening to us as well as with us. Some patience will be required – with ourselves as well as with each other.

SO! Let’s talk Full Moon sensitivity!

We all know the disparaging things people commonly attribute to the Full Moon (Lunacy, etc.) but the truth is simple; some people are sensitive to the energy in ways they might not understand or recognize until after the fact, if at all. Be on the look out for the following common sensitivities (in yourself and others):

  • Difficult communication (feeling you are not understood or you don’t understand)
  • Anxiety (nervous for no real reason you can name?) 
  • Restlessness (just can’t seem to be still)
  • Irritability (you may think you have a reason – is it really reasonable?)
  • Fatigue (too tired to think clearly or  concentrate? body sore for no particular reason?)
  • Poor sleep (can’t get comfortable, can’t fall or remain asleep)


There are some common, and very simple, methods to help avoid, reduce, or relieve the discomfort. Start with simple self-care:

  • Write (jot your thoughts down – allow yourself the space to think them through)
  • Meditate/Pray (commune with yourself and your higher power for inner-peace)
  • Take a walk (each step is grounding and the fresh air is rejuvenating)
  • Soak (use the fragrance you like best in a bath, let the warm water soothe you)
  • Nap (make time to rest – even half an hour can be helpful)

You can expand your self-care to include some positive energy enhancers:

  • Scented candles (any scent you enjoy will help)
  • Incense (same as the candles, use any scent you like)
  • Crystals (any crystal you feel an infinity to will enhance your energy – I like moonstone)
  • Plants (fresh herbs and green plants in your home increase wellness)  

The Full Moon is your friend; work on your healthy relationship.

Enjoy the weekend!



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))





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