The week ahead: July 3rd through July 9th:

THANK YOU, SARAH!!! The astro weather warning is good for all of us!!! Don’t know what I’m referencing? Check out Sarah and find out!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


UPDATE: Hi Lovelies! I’m officially in Portland, OR now and things have not gone as smoothly as I hoped. Our rental truck broke down in Wisconsin, putting us behind a day of traveling, and when we got to our new apartment, we opened up the truck to find that they had literally just thrown our belongings inside when swapping to the new truck to travel with. So many things were broken and the car rental place is giving me the go-around in terms of getting it fixed, and to boot, our apartment complex told us our apartment won’t be ready until this Friday! So I’m now in an extended stay hotel room with two cats and a possible meth lab two doors down–I say that jokingly but maybe not lol! Let’s say that I’m less than pleased and feeling cramped, but, on the plus side, I found an AMAZING…

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