The week ahead: August 28th through September 3rd:

My Virgo Ascending just got a big endorsement! Check out what Sarah has to say and you’ll know why!!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Health and healing are going to be some major themes this week! We’re officially now in Virgo season, so get prepped to get clean, organized and make practical, grounded, logical decisions (earth sign). Virgo’s are the zodiacs healers (they own the 6th house in astrology; the house of health), making us focus on our health, and they’re also known for color coding and categorizing the crap out of anything that comes across their desk, or yours, if you let them. I know WAY too many Virgo’s who should drop what they’re doing and just become (insert anything that needs it) organizers for others, or at the very minimum, someones assistant that can’t seem to get their life together. That hot mess express person is like crack to my Virgo lovelies, and they find more often than not that they seem to get into relationships (both romantic and friendship)…

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