SEPTEMBER 2017 FULL CORN MOON: Attitude of gratitude is the best place to start!!



The Corn Moon is a harvest moon of sorts; it is not the final harvest in preparation of Winter but the corn is “as high as an elephant’s eye” and ready for picking. We are very grateful for this bounty.

We rejoice in this harvest, the last celebration of Summer! 

As the Summer draws to a close, we are ready to start something new; we are making plans to move forward in the new season. While some of our preparations will be routine (e.g. swapping  flip-flops for boots, swimsuits for sweaters, etc), some of our preparations will be about starting new projects. We are rapidly approaching the time to take a leap of faith – not to be confused with recklessness!! – and take some risks with our own creativity. As we know, the Full Moon brings us a review of our manifestations from seeds planted during the New Moon when our message was clearly, “Get organized, get moving, and don’t spare the horses!!!”  (Need a reminder? See AUG 2017 DARK MOON: Find balance, and you find success. ) The Full Moon comes to us with a heads-up on our progress moving forward.


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba. Read left to right, top to bottom: The Fool; Page of Cups; Four of Pentacles; Three of Swords; Five of Cups; Knight of Cups.))

Let’s take a look at the cards above:

  • The Fool kicks off this reading with our first big step! Remember, The Fool is the most important card in the deck because NOTHING CAN HAPPEN UNTIL THE FIRST STEP IS TAKEN. So let’s take our Leaps of Faith, embrace the unknown and get these parties started!
  • Page of Cups reminds us our creativity is its own power, and our greatest gift; allow inspiration to flow through you, and into all that you choose to do, without fear or reservation. Trust your intuition.
  • Four of Pentacles and Three of Swords work together; we cannot allow our discomfort to get the better of us! Hold on loosely to resources as they are meant to serve us, not the other way around; and knowledge is power, even when it stings. You can manage your resources wisely rather than meanly, and you can endure disappointment on the front end when the information serves your goals in the end.
  • Five of Cups appears upon the points of the Three of Swords; WARNING!! DO NOT WALLOW HERE!!! Believe me, I get it! The sting and disappointment of Three Swords can feel  without hope of repair, and the Five of Cups backs up that feeling with a near unendurable sense of loss and longing. DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!!! Listen up! No matter how much you don’t feel it this minute, this is EXACTLY the time to hold your head high, chest out, big smile – fake ’til you make it!!! It really isn’t as bad as it feels and you will move along just fine by shaking it off, sooner is always better than later.
  • Knight of Cups (please, get a good look at this card because it really speaks the truth!) demands you follow your heart, and creativity, wherever it may lead – and you really should do exactly that as this is the perfect time for it! – but please, please, please LOOK OUT BELOW!!!! Maintain awareness; do not get so caught up that you forget to exercise normal precautions.


REMINDER: Be sensitive to others as well as yourself; many people have a difficult time with the energy of the Full Moon so this is not a good time to be too demanding, or  skip your self-care.   

As always, be happy, safe, well and grateful, under the powerful gaze of  Selene’s beautifully Full Moon!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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