The week ahead: September 4th through September 10th:

Full Moon, Transitions, and Forest Fire – YOWZA!!!!
Check out what Sarah has to say about it all – you’ll be glad you did!!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We have a full moon in Pisces this week, on the 5th/6th! Get ready for the ALL the feelings to flow freely, especially if you’ve been doing all that you can to avoid anything emotional lately. Pisces obviously deals with emotions, considering it’s both a water sign and ruled by Neptune, the God of the Sea. If we were to look at water symbolically, it stands not only for your sensitivities, but also your psychic senses. This is going to be a very potent week for you in both of those categories, so do what you can to somehow make sense of what’s happening to you (get to the water or take a bath to help you think clearly!), and don’t be afraid to go deep with yourself and possibly face some repressed feelings that need release. Pisces is known for being a dreamy, intuitive sign, but they…

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