SEPT 2017 DARK MOON: Let’s get it on!


((Everyday Witch, Blake and Alba. Left to right, top to bottom: Seven of Swords; Death; World; Tower; Empress; Knight of Swords.)) 


Heads up, everyone!! This is magical manifestation energy at its finest!!


Do not miss this opportunity!! Make a list and check it twice!!

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What are your plans?


The Dark Moon is a perfect time to focus your intentions on EXACTLY what you hope to manifest in the coming month; as the Moon goes Dark, you get to shine – and The Universe is watching! Let’s Look at the cards above:

  • THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Seven of Swords delivers a message: GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD! Running to it, or running from it, it does not matter – just go!
  • Everything – absolutely EVERYthing – comes to an end. Death reminds us this is not necessarily a bad thing; embrace the change and make it your own. Since the change is going to occur with or without you, why not make it your own?
  • HIP! HIP! HOORAY!!!! The World is in the palm of your hand – what will you do with it? Right now, every little thing you do is magic, so watch where you point that thing!
  • KA-BOOM, GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!!!!! The Tower has arrived with a lightning flash, thunder crash and trembling earth. The more you change, the more things don’t stay the same – some people will be uncomfortable with this but that is NOT your problem so don’t let it get in your way!
  • YOU’VE GOT THE POWER!!!! Divine Feminine gives us the strength and power of Creation, and The Empress spares no horses!!! She rides in at a full gallop with all the power you need to create everything you want to manifest in your life – she makes no promises of ease to success, only that you can make it happen.
  • CHARGE!!!!! The Knight of Swords saddles up, swings into action, rides off at a full gallop – where will this GO GET EM!!! energy take you? WHEREVER YOU TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case you forget: every Dark Moon is a new chance to try again. If your working on something big, and it isn’t coming through as quickly or completely as you like, every 28 days give you another chance to set your intentions (perhaps tweaked to move your process along) for manifestation.

The Dark Moon in Virgo will occur September 20th, 12:11 AM CST (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning). Don’t miss it!!! 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 



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