The week ahead: September 18th through September 24th:

Check Sarah – she knows!!!!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


This is the last week of Virgo season until the 21st where we’ll enter into the sociable, balance and justice loving sign of Libra as well as ushering in the Autumn/Fall season.

We also have a new moon this week on 19th/20th in the sign of Virgo as well. It looks to be a super heavy duty healing new moon, so anything you’ve had in your mind, back pocket, or to-do list for your health/healing, NOW is the time to make it happen and put it into implementation. No more delaying. The fabulous Chani Nicholas from says about this new moon:

Virgo separates. Organizes. Categorizes. Wants to understand. Wants to learn. Wants to get it right.”

“Virgo wants to know the ins and outs of a thing. It sticks with something through the entire process. Digesting. Assimilating. Integrating the information into its entire being.”


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