The week ahead: October 16th through October 22nd:

Sarah has a lot to say, and we need every word – listen up!
(or read if you prefer)

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We have a power packed and transitory week in that we’re in the last week of Libra season, moving into Scorpio on Sunday, as well as a new moon in Libra on Thursday.

Any changing of a season or time can be a difficult one in that we feel two, sometimes opposing energies influencing our lives. Like it or not, sometimes you can’t help what you feel, and this week may have you asking for relief. Libra is a sign that’s loving, sweet, peaceful, but not necessarily deep. Scorpio is heavy, powerful, intense, and loves nothing more than to spelunk into the deepest depths available. You may be fighting with yourself to keep things light and airy, while inside you’re facing some deeply emotional, powerful things that seem to take your breath away.  I say this week, to allow the complexity of your situation to just be what…

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