OCT 2017 DARK MOON: Moving on…


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba. Reading top to bottom, left to right: Four of Cups, The Hermit, Temperance, Four of Swords, Five of Wands, Eight of Cups.)) 

As the end of October (and the wrap up of Libra season) rapidly approaches, the Dark Moon will be with us  on the 19th, at 1:59 PM CST. It looks disturbing as well as promising; you might want to make some plans.

If you have been following any of the several fabulous astrology blogs available (as you know, I like Ruby’s Readings), you already know we are wrapping up Libra season, bracing ourselves for Scorpio season, Jupiter and Scorpio will be making the next year interesting, and tomorrow’s New Moon is in Libra. What does that mean to you? The times they are a changing! What will you do with all of this energy? How will you improve yourself, or your situation? Let’s take a page from Elsa’s book:


And you know what else? It’s time to decide the cold never bothered you, anyway! 

We are on the edge of a period of change; while some of it may be trying, uncomfortable and/or difficult, all of it will be necessary – and a fabulous time for you to work on yourself! This Dark Moon is less about manifesting what you desire, and more about changes you want to make within yourself (healing, growing, letting go, moving on, de-cluttering) and your life in general. Let’s look at the cards: 

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be awesome: Four of Cups struggles with the unattainable quest for perfection with the unfortunate result of missing out on how wonderful imperfect things can be – and this includes yourself. Give yourself a break. 

Alone is not lonely: The Hermit knows the value of alone time, listening to the silence, and self-reliance.  But most importantly, he is never afraid to go his own way – draw on this strength to find your own path.

Strive for balance in all things: Bottom line on this, DON’T OVERDO IT. You know you need to make changes but chances are good an entire overhaul is not necessary.

Rest is not retreat: Do not ignore your self-care; allow yourself to rest and replenish – you know you can’t pour from an empty cup.  

Many good ideas die in committee: When change is at hand, tempers can run high; try to remember a) you do not need anyone’s permission to work on your own life, and b) you do not need to attend every argument to which you are invited – feel free to skip as many as possible.

But do you have what you need? Time to move away from the things you want, and towards the things you need. Eight of Cups marks the start of your journey – take the opportunity to get a move on!!

THE TAKEAWAY: Whatever you decide – make changes or cling to the status quo – this Dark Moon marks the start of a new season of change; things are going to change with or without you…consider making good use of it.

And as always, be happy, safe, and well. 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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