The week ahead: October 23rd through October 29th:

Sarah talks Scorpio this week – check it out!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Welcome to Scorpio season, Lovelies! This is going to be an intense time of going deeper within ourselves and shedding light on things that have been long buried or forgotten. It’s going to be a pivotal week in that taking with us the lessons of Libra season, we apply justice, peace, and balance to what we find within. Scorpio’s are some the of the zodiacs best researchers and detectives, so don’t be surprised this week if you get a chance to dig up some info or find answers to some long held questions, or at the very least, the next clue in your quest. Scorpios also rule the genitals, so expect there to be some big themes around sex and what happens when it goes bad or is twisted in a dark fashion (ahem, Harvey Weinstien and Donald Trump) as well as the occult, death, birth and rebirth…

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