The week ahead: November 6th through November 12th:

Scorpio season continues – check out what Sarah has to say!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We’re going into the last 2 weeks of Scorpio season, so I wanted to focus on what Scorpio’s statement is so we can get a better handle on what may have come up for us at the full moon on Fri/Sat. Every sign has it’s statement: Aries comes confidently through with “I am”, where the softer Cancer says, “I feel.” Taurus unrelentingly says, “I have,” while in their own code Aquarius says, “I know.” For Scorpio it’s, “I desire” and this past full moon may have highlighted just that for you. Did you notice anything come up around desires that you have, especially if they’ve been something you kept on the DL or secret? Maybe it was something you just discovered about yourself and your needs that you didn’t even realize was there to begin with. I want to invite you this week to allow yourself time to…

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