Venus enters Scorpio

Forewarned is forearmed! Check out what Ruby has to say about Virgo in Scorpio!!

Rubys Astro Readings

1ba563714445ccd71c70e2c93148f16f (1)Venus enters Scorpio

Venus the planet of Love & Money enters the deep shadowy waters of Scorpio today, where it remains until December 1st!

Passions run deeper and obsessions can get stronger mostly in intimate relationships, but this can spill over into our friendships and family relationships as well. Superficial flirtations or anything false doesn’t work in this energy, as we crave deep, authentic, soulful connections in love. This yearning for a connection to both body and soul needs to be special and intense to satisfy!

This influence means emotions run high as passion takes over our love life. But we also can become obsessed and consumed by projects and pleasures like around sex, money, and food just to name a few. Trust issues under Venus is in Scorpio can be extremely strong!

Feelings of jealousy can be triggered, which ignites insecurities, so issues around betrayal get brought out in…

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