((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba. Read left to right, top to bottom: Page of Wands, Devil, Five of Cups, Nine of Swords, Ten of Pentacles, Page of Swords.))

The cards above speak to our bravery as well as our regret; we want to do and be and accomplish, and yet we fear failure, we fear loss, we fear our own regret. We may feel adrift, we certainly feel distracted, but we are in no way powerless. The key to happily-ever-after remains within us; take a leap of faith, go out and get it!

The final Full Moon of 2017 graces us on December 3rd, 10:05AM CST. 

This Full Moon promises to be interesting; Full Moon in Gemini, during Sagittarius season, with the beginning of Mercury Retrograde.


Moon of Long Nights: While every Full Moon is an opportunity to express our sincere gratitude, this Full Moon is also an ideal time to recommit ourselves to our previously expressed intentions. As we approach the longest night of the year, it would be all too easy to snuggle up, and abandon our plans – we must not! This is a time to roll up our sleeves, lean all the way into the wind, and remain steadfast in our actions. Any work you do this moon should include an element of commitment to your projects.

Full Moon in Gemini (during Sagittarius!!): Oh, so much fun! The wind is up as the fire rages! Feeling the struggle yet? Not to worry, you certainly will – find your patience as you will need it! Gemini is happy to think about it but not necessarily sticking with it; Sagittarius is more interested in how it looks than what it is….a marriage made in limbo to be sure. You will find it difficult to stick to your guns, to follow your plans, to move forward. DO IT ANYWAY! Roll up your sleeves, and double-down on your commitments! If not you, who? If not now, when? 

Mercury Goes Rogue! (Or maybe you say Retrograde.): We all know what this is – a hard time shared by all. The last of the year, Mercury Retrograde (MRx) occurs December 3rd through December 23rd (the whole time we will be working on the holidays – YAY!). OH! And did I mention Mercury is the ruler of Gemini? Yep – our beautiful Full Moon (and I think we can agree, she is ALWAYS beautiful) in Gemini during Sagittarius will be further hindered by retrograde. Quick reminder on how we handle this energy:

  • No arguments. You do not have to attend every argument to which you are invited; just walk away. 
  • No new legal commitments. Avoid large purchases, signing contracts, etc; if you cannot avoid it, read and reread everything – all i’s dotted and t’s crossed – and if you have any questions, you keep right on asking until you are entirely comfortable with the information.
  • Re-group. Take a step back; rest, relax, rejuvenate, reconsider, and in general, regroup. This is the perfect time re-establish yourself, your priorities, your plans and your pathway.
  • DO NOT BE AN ASS!! I cannot stress this enough; MRx is NOT a blank check for bad behavior – the devil did NOT make you do it – and you remain responsible for your words and behaviors. Do not make anything any harder than it needs to be. Behave yourself!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))





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