The week ahead: December 11th through December 17th:

There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on – Sarah has the scoop!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Shit’s going on up in the sky lovelies! Let’s chat about it, because we honestly have a lot going on.

Ok first, it’s still Sagittarius season, so themes of searching for/finding/expanding your understanding of the truth, travel and adventures, spiritual and philosophical bents to your communications/understandings, and freedom will be on your mind and in your heart. This is fire sign and so your passions will be running high and so will your big picture. You’ll be feeling more than usual a call to find your freedom, so look for ways this week that you can free yourself from entanglements that no longer support you, or look for ways to give yourself the freedom you’re craving. Your heart is trying to tell you something important, and you need to listen carefully, so don’t put this off.

Second, we’re in the midst of mercury retrograde, so communication, travel, electronics…

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