Changes Are Everywhere -Astro Update

Ruby talks about The Goat goings-on; check it out!!


Astro Update
by Ruby
“Changes are everywhere”

There’s a whole lot of planets in the Earth Sign of Capricorn this week, this is called a Stellium, this is when three or more planets are in one Sign at the same time. So the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury are all in Capricorn.

That’s a whole lot of Capricorn energy folks, and anyone who is born under the sign of the Goat should be feeling more lively during this time, as this energy just works for you! Fellow Earth Signs Taurus & Virgo will also enjoy this energy quite nicely, or should for the most part. And Scorpio and Pisces should do well.

But this energy can be heavy feeling and can present some challenges as well. Since Capricorn energy is ruled by slowed down Saturn, this energy is moving things along very slowly, as the energy is at a…

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