The week ahead: January 28th through February 4th 2018:

Sarah calls in an expert to help with the bloody blue super moon – check it out!!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We’re officially in Aquarius season as of the 21st, and it’s time to get weird. The water bearer is ruled by Uranus, the planet of insight, individuality, electricity, random change, and forward thinking. These guys do not fit into a category or the status quo, and the status quo is thoroughly terrified of Aquarians or anyone ruled by Uranus because of their refusal to be categorized. Aquarius is known for its focus on humanity as a whole and connecting with others via community or a bigger picture. They are also known for being a little aloof while having a more difficult time connecting with others in a one on one basis; the bigger the crowd, the more connected they feel.  This is a big sign, ruled by a big planet, and even though they are the sign of the water bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign, representing how…

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