The week ahead: March 26th through April 1st of 2018:

Check out Sarah’s thoughts on this week’s Blue Moon!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


We have a full moon coming up this Saturday in the sign of Libra! Since this is the second full moon this month, it’s a considered a blue moon, speaking to it’s rarity. You wanna know what else is rare? Patience to an Aries, so don’t expect this week to get any easier if you feel that push and pull to get up and go, only to realize you have more work to do or more information to gather, before you can.

Maybe patience will be the name of the game this week, considering mercury is retrograde in the midst of everything. Retrograde time is really about re-working, re-writing, re-vising, re-visiting, or re anything that needs a good do-over. This time is here for us to take a quick break, go over our plans, and make sure we’re still on track with our hearts desires. If not, now is…

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