APRIL 2018: Full Grass Moon

The Full Moon arrives on April 29th, 7:53 PM CST.


((The Spellcaster’s Tarot, Marquis and Murphy: King of Cups, Moon, Six of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, Nine of Pentacles, Queen of Wands.))

This April brings us a Grass Moon in Scorpio as the Sun travels through Taurus.*

*(For more information on this, check out Ruby’s Readings Full Moon in Scorpio)

As we all know, Spring is a time to start fresh and look forward; the Grass Moon (also known as Egg Moon, and my personal favorite, Pink Phlox Moon) rings the bell for fertility. Everything is in motion. Trees bud, grass sprouts, flowers bloom and rising sap hits a high note – it is not just the young man’s fancy turning. It is time to make decisions, take new pathways, move in new directions.

Review the cards above; the message is all too simple – JUST DO IT!

The King of Cups and The Moon are in on this together; your personal mastery and setting of intentions leads rights in Six of Pentacles – manifestation begins to show and TA-DA! Ace of Wands lights the way as we keep heading towards our desired outcome, bringing us to Nine of Pentacles and Queen of Wands.

What does it all mean? In short – JUST DO IT!

The big message is get a move on; Queen of Wands is ready to lead the charge and give it all she’s got but she is not one to loiter so do not waste any time – get moving. When we put it all together, the cards are telling us to do everything that comes naturally this time of year – create, recreate, procreate, whatever works for you! Take it down, build it again, make it better, whatever you like. JUST DO IT!

As with every Full Moon, an attitude of gratitude is your best start. Or as The Sage Goddess likes to say, “If there is a ‘please’ on your mind, there had better be a ‘thank you’ in your mouth.”



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 


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