The week ahead: April 30th through May 6th:

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Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


MOTHER OF GOD. That full moon yesterday was a tidal wave of emotions, including the good ones. Overwhelming was a good word to describe that energy, but I also want to continue the theme from last week about going to excess, as well. What came up for you last week? Was it your addictions or obsessions? Did you get a clearer look into what motivates you? How about that appetite of yours? What’s it for and does it get more intense when you ignore it? All of this could have been coming up for you, coupled with the background feeling of wanting to get grounded and realistic about your situation, thanks to the addition of Taurus season.

Which we’re balls deep in, as we speak. Taurus season has always been one of my favs: a time where expressing yourself creatively, updating your fashion and self care routine, good…

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