The week ahead: May 7th through May 13th of 2018:

Check out Sarah – she knows stuff!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


This Taurus season has been a spicy one, my lovelies. Earth signs know how to amp up the sensuality, and being ruled by Venus makes them the earth goddess and gods of the zodiac. Venus also rules money, so Taurus’ make great bankers and financial advisers; earth signs are practical, grounded, and realistic about everything, especially when it comes to their investments. These guys need something tangible to touch to know that their hard work is paying off, and you can always count on a Taurus to be real with you. Especially if it comes to food (their fav subject), or anything relating to beauty and/or beautifying a space or person.

I want to remind you guys of the themes we felt at the full moon we just had, too–developments in the love and money category should continue to unfold right now, until we make it to the…

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