Six Things Tarot Can Definitely Do

((Don’t tell anyone but my real name is Lilith L….))

Jack Chanek

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there regarding what Tarot is and is not. Can Tarot readers really tell the future? Are Tarot readers Satanists? Is it all just a load of malarkey? Here’s a short post to dispel some confusion and explain some of the things that Tarot absolutely can do.

1. Predict the Winning Lotto Numbers

It’s a well-kept secret that all Tarot readers know the winning lottery numbers. We can predict them with 100% accuracy. However, the Grand High Council of Tarot Readers (located at international top-secret Tarot headquarters in Kansas City, MO) strictly regulates who we’re allowed to tell. The Supreme Tarot Reader keeps a list of names locked in her file cabinet, which was written down by the very first Tarot reader at the dawn of time. Only the people whose names are written on this list are allowed to win the lottery.

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