The week ahead: May 14th through May 20th of 2018:

SO MUCH GOING ON!!!! Even Sarah is having a hard time – check out what she has to say.

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Sweet mother, we have an intense week ahead of us, lovelies.

First, we have a new moon in the sign of sensual, earthy, practical, comfort loving Taurus on the 15th/16th. Being in the midst of Taurus season still, themes around beauty, love, money, and your possessions have been on the table to examine. We’re looking for something real in these categories and nothing else will suffice. It looks like that same expectation will be amped up at this new moon, bringing to the forefront of our minds what needs to go and what can stay; what’s real and what’s not. The insightful astrologer Leah Whitehorse from says,

Taurus…It’s all about stopping to smell the roses, comfort and security, sensual pleasure and enjoying the good life. Work hard, play hard could be this sign’s motto. With a powerful practical streak, Taurus prefers a safe, well-trodden path and…

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