The week ahead: June 4th through June 10th of 2018:

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Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


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While in the midst of Gemini season, I’d like you to remember something: all things start with a thought. In a time ruled by Air (thought) and the planet Mercury (communication, travel, information), we’re in a heady space. Our minds might be going a million miles minute and so might our tongues (watch that gossip!). It’s a perfect time to exchange ideas and information, while going out and being social with all the people that stimulate our hungry minds; and our minds are ravenous right now.  If you happen to be in love with a Gemini, remember the way to their heart is through their brain. If there’s no mental connection, you ain’t getting anywhere but the friend zone. Near constant mental activity help these guys to feel alive, while boredom and stagnation equal death, so keep it interesting and be flirty!…

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