The week ahead: June 11th through June 17th of 2018:

Dark Moon in Gemini – in GEMINI! Check out what Sarah has to say about it.

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Get out and socialize this week! Gemini season is the perfect time to get out and exchange ideas, info, some lighthearted banter, and to make a real mental connection. As an air sign, information is power as well as an aphrodisiac to these guys, so flirt, exchange ideas, flaunt your intelligence or knowledge, and above all, have some fun.

We also have a new moon on the 13th in the sign of Gemini, too. It looks to be a good time, offering us the information or exchanges we need right now. The incredible Annie Heese from Cafe astrology says, 

“The sextile between Mercury and Uranus today encourages alternative approaches and new ideas, as well as technical thinking. Intuition is strong, and insights seem to come from “out of the blue.” Original, creative ideas come naturally. We can take advantage of this by solving problems in new, creative ways…

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