JULY 2018 DARK MOON: All’s well that ends well!

The Dark Moon arrives July 12th, 9:56 PM CST.


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba. Read left to right, top to bottom: Five of Wands, Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands, Eight of Cups, Page of Pentacles, The Lovers.))

As we enter the mid-point of the Summer Season, I hope this finds everyone happy, safe and well – but I am not surprised if you are struggling. Have you been enjoying the Retrograde Season? No shame in the “FUCK NO!” you may want to scream. In fact, go right ahead, I’ll wait….

For a variety of reasons, both terrestrial and astral, we are experiencing some very trying energies this Summer. I am well aware how irritating it is continuously being told to “Be patient,” when what you really want is to get things done and move forward. Difficult though it may be to accept, patience is the answer – the question does not matter at this time. Of course, the good new is (as always) nothing lasts forever; Rx Season will unwind, energy will loosen, moving forward will become easier…just not all at once. Let’s look at the cards:

FIVE OF WANDS: Cursed by Committee. The struggle is real; too many witches do indeed spoil the potion! For clearer heads to prevail, grace and patience are required in no small measure. Find a way to be straightforward as well as humble and gracious while steadfast, and you can overcome any obstacle. Alternatively (and my preferred plan), wait for the dust to clear and go your own way. How you handle this is entirely up to you but understand, all choices will include some struggle. 

ACE OF SWORDS: Go with it! New ideas come swiftly upon us with this Dark Moon – our minds are racing while we sit patiently in Rx Season. Actions may feel sluggish but our thoughts are swift; speak them out loud even if only to yourself, and give them life – make your plans – you will find as Rx loosens its grip, you will be will already be in motion.

KNIGHT OF WANDS: Move it along! Re-read the above; the Knight of Wands adds action to your ideas. While this energy is swift moving, you do not have to be – you are still dealing with Rx Season for the rest of the Summer so be willing to proceed cautiously – but at this time, any movement is better than none. 

EIGHT OF CUPS: Moving on. Supported by the ideas and plans of the Ace as well as the drive of the Knight, this card prompts us to choose our next pathway; it is time to let go and move on. This may not be comfortable but it is necessary – your growth depends upon it. 

PAGE OF PENTACLES: What’s next? This Page is eager to see what will happen next – always ready for the new adventure. The last in our series of movement cards, the indication is clear – the time we take to plan and gear up pays off in an eager energy to move forward.

THE LOVERS:  ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Just going to leave this here to speak for itself. Pay attention to what you see in this card because that is YOUR message.

THE TAKEAWAY: What starts out as a struggle to find our own footing within the group leads us to our own path to our own goals – no apologies, no excuses.

As we all know, Hecate’s Dark Moon is perfect for planting seeds and beginning new projects; Rx Season forces us to move cautiously (which we should do anyway!) rather than swiftly UNTIL WE MAKE THE NECESSARY DECISIONS AND PLANS! 

REMINDER! If you are not feeling it for any reason, you are NOT required to launch at this time. The Dark Moon appears every 28 days so feel free to wait but know this: the likelihood that you will ever feel entirely comfortable with life change(s) is just too small to count – you may want to consider measuring your own (dis)comfort in its own degree greater/lesser.

Whatever you decide to do (or not do, as the case may be), be sure to maintain an attitude of gratitude for the many blessings you already have as well as the future successes you wish to pursue. And as always, ENJOY!

Your with Love, Light, Luck and Blessings!



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 



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