The week ahead: July 23rd through July 29th of 2018:

“My hope for you this week is that you stand up and commit to giving yourself the very best you can. Sometimes that means leaving people and situations behind, and sometimes it means staying and working shit out. However this plays out for you, please make sure you take into account your happiness and your needs. ”
Sarah Martucci

Check out what Sarah has to say this week – you’ll be glad you did!

Sarah Martucci - Psychic Medium & Certified Crystal Healer


Buckle in Lovelies, shits about to get real this week.

To start off, welcome to Leo season! As of yesterday, we moved into the sign of the lion. Heart centered, warm, gregarious, and just a touch dramatic, Leo’s are well known as the leaders, actors, managers and entertainers of the zodiac. Some themes that might be coming up right now could be centered around having fun, our children and creative projects, how we present ourselves to the world, being a leader or the star role in our own story, our generosity, our ego, our actual heart and heart health along with our vitality and our joy for life. Being a fire sign, I would be remiss to not mention passion, so don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you feel a certain urge to start moving on projects that stir up or help you channel all that stokes…

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