The Dark Moon arrives on September 9th at 12:47 PM CST.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort: Three of Wands, Queen of Wands, Nine of Swords, Death, Princess of Cups, Ten of Cups.))

As retrograde season unravels, and we find our energy slowly increasing, it is important to remember mindfulness. Plan your next movements carefully, do not act impetuously, think twice before you speak.

The planting/growing portion of the year is complete; as we head into Autumn, we will certainly see what we have manifested – what we have lost, what we have gained, where we have struggles, where we are blessed. Be grateful for all you have accomplished, embrace all changes as blessings (or harbingers of blessings to come), and look forward to restful  health and hearth of Autumn and Winter.


  • Prepare your pantry! Stock your pantry – we’ve talked about this before, planning is done, time to go shopping! 
  • Get organized! As you start moving your clothes from sundresses to light sweaters heading into boots and jackets, organize your closets, drawers, and storage. Make sure anything you are putting away for the season is well packed (I like to add dryer sheets to keep things fresh).
  • Declutter decor! Take a good look at your seasonal decor; anything looking worn (not in a sentimental way, mind you), passe (again, not in a sentimental way), or otherwise not joy inducing, send it on its way. NOTE: Same is true of bringing home new items; make sure you find joy (or usefulness) in any piece you chose to bring into your home, and move along any lesser pieces.  
  • Plan meals! Mindfulness is always good practice but too often, we do not apply it to our meals. I am not suggesting orchestrating lavish feasts – continue to use your favorite crock-pot recipes. Use fresh herbs. Pick up a loaf of artisan bread. Add a bottle of wine. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider what you would like to express – warmth, heartiness, gratitude – and share it with your family.
  • Choose a genre! Whatever genre you usually read, listen or watch, choose something from a different (and unrelated!) genre. Expand your literary horizons. Consider something seasonally themed.

Whatever you decide to do – or not do as the case may be – remember to keep gratitude in your heart, and a positive thought in mind. Autumn is about Bounty’s harvest, gratitude to Mother Earth, and preparing your home and family for the long Winter’s rest. Be sure to do these things with love. (Ten of Cups!)


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 





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