FULL MOON SEPT 2018: By the light of the Harvest Moon

The Full Harvest Moon arrives September 24th at 9:49 PM CST.  


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba. Read left to right, top to bottom: Ace of Swords, Five of Wands, Eight of Cups, Knight of Wands, Page of Pentacles, Four of Cups.))


The changing of seasons has begun; while driving to work this week, I noticed the leaves at the top of the trees had begun to change. The Equinox was this past weekend and already we have noticed darkness is falling earlier each night. Change is thick in the air. 


Let’s look at the cards above:

Ace of Swords: New clarity, new perspective! We start with a fresh outlook – believe it or not, we have been longing for change! – and thoughts for new projects. 

Five of Wands: Death by Committee! While we often have no choice but to try to work with others, this is not that time. Which brings us right into the next card…

Eight of Cups: Change of direction! Moving along on your own steam is definitely the way to go – you have places to go and things to do – you cannot worry about the pathways (or opinions) of others.

Knight of Wands: Adventure awaits! SADDLE UP!! Time to get moving! Whatever you have been putting off, the time has come to GET A MOVE ON!

Page of Pentacles: ON THE WAY! This Page is already on the move to the next adventure so what’s holding you up? 

Four of Pentacles: Hoping for better things to come along. BETTER??? Better than what? Better than new opportunities? Better than blazing your own trail? Better than moving and shaking your own way? NO CHANCE!! 

TAKEAWAY: THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO PATIENTLY WAIT FOR LIFE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!! This is the time to make decisions, roll up your sleeves, and move it, move it, move it! This time – RIGHT NOW! – is your time. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO SLIP AWAY!!!



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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